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Members of the Geothermal Engineering Group (Muraoka-Ioka Lab.)

Teaching staffs of the Geothermal Engineering Laboratory are only two described below as of April 2012. However, if the Government would choose right energy options, it will be possible that the staffs will increase to be 10 members in 2030.

Hirofumi Muraoka, Ph.D., Professor, and Vice Director

Prof. Hirofumi Muraoka has been engaged in geothermal researches for 32 years in the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ), Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and it's restructured organization, the Institute for Geo-Resources and Environment (GREEN), the National Institute of the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). During the earlier half of the 32 years, Japan was leading the world geothermal RD&D under the strong supports by the Government such as the Sunshine and New Sunshine Programs. However, during the later half of the 32 years, the Japanese Government suddenly excluded geothermal energy from "New Energy" in the so-called New Energy Law acted in 1997. Then, the Japanese geothermal sector faced "lost 15 years" both on the geothermal power development sector and geothermal RD&D sector. This was completely against the world geothermal trends. He experienced these fluctuated policies without a long standing vision by politicians and bureaucrats that made Japan withering not only in the geothermal sector but also in other industrial fields. The Great East Japan Earthquake at 11 March 2011 is then again changing the energy paradigm, reminding of importance of natural energy. He beleives if we can not learn the precious lesson, tomorrow will never come to Japan.

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Seiichiro Ioka, Ph.D., Associated Professor

Associated Prof. Seiichiro Ioka is based on earth science and would contribute to the improvement of geothermal exploration technology, technology development of efficiency of utilization of ground heat, researches for chemical evaluation on environmental impact to geothermal utilization and utilization of energy of ground water.

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