HONDA, Akihiro

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Research Interests:本田先生顔写真

Wind turbine and energy system. Wind, wave and snow load for design of structures.  Aerodynamic behavior of slender structures. Site assessment of wind energy. Ocean energy system (tidal, current and wave). Experimental and computational fluid dynamics.


Selected publications:

  • Fukami, K. Karikomi, A. Honda and M. Shibata, “Aeroelastic Stability Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Blades at Standstill Condition Considering Unsteady Aerodynamics”, First International Symposium on Flutter and its Application, 2016.
  • Karikomi, T. Koyanagi, M. Ohta, A. Nakamura, S. Iwasaki, Y. Hayashi and A. Honda , “Wind Tunnel Testing on Negative-damped Responses of a 7MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine”, EWEA Offshore, 2015.




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