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Abuliti ABUDULA Professor


Message: Welcome those who are interested in the energy and environment studies in our laboratory from all over the world to contact us. We will provide you with the nice research environment. Those with solid background on Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Energy and Environmental Materials are more than welcome.

Name: Abuliti Abudula

Telephone: +81-172-39-3719

E-mail: abuliti@hirosaki-u.ac.jp

Current Position:

Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology and Department of Sustainable Energy, Hirosaki University


Year               Degree           Institution and location
1981-1985 B.S. Dalian University of Technology
1992-1997 Dr.Eng The University of Tokyo

Professional experiences

2016-present Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology and Department of Sustainable Energy, Hirosaki University
2009-2016 Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology and North Japan Research Institute for Sustainable Energy, Hirosaki University
2004-2009 Chief Engineer, Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center, Japan
1991-2004 Associate Professor, School of Science and Technology, Hirosaki University
1997-1999 Postdoctoral Fellow, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan
1985-1992 Assistant Professor, Xinjiang Institute of Technology, P.R.China

Society membership:

The Society of Chemical Engineers of Japan, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, The Japan Institute of Energy, The Electrochemical Society of Japan

Major Research Interests:

Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Electric vehicles (Battery), Biomass conversion, Environmental technology/ environmental material, Energy analysis

Main and recent publications:


  • “Facile fabrication of CuO microcube@Fe-Co3O4 nanosheet array as a high-performance electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction ,” Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (2017) 21740-21749.
  • “One-Pot Fabrication of Hydrophobic Nanocellulose-Silica Film for Water Resistant Packaging Application ,” Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 96 (2017) 261-265.
  • “In-situ catalytic upgrading of bio-oil derived from fast pyrolysis of lignin over high aluminum zeolites ,” Fuel Processing Technology 167 (2017) 730-737.
  • “CuO nanowire@Co3O4 ultrathin nanosheet core-shell arrays: An effective catalyst for oxygen evolution reaction ,” Electrochimica Acta 250 (2017) 77-83.
  • “Removal of biomass tar by steam reforming over calcined scallop shell supported Cu catalysts ,” Journal of Energy Chemistry 26 (2017) 660-666.
  • “Decomposition of formic acid for hydrogen production over metal doped nanosheet-like MoC1-x catalysts ,” Energy Conversion and Management 147 (2017) 166-173.
  • “Quantifying the dynamic density driven convection in high permeability packed beds ,” Magnetic Resonance Imaging 39 (2017)168-174.
  • “High selectivity and stability of Mg-doped Al-MCM-41 for in-situ catalytic upgrading fast pyrolysis bio-oil ,” Energy Conversion and Management 142 (2017) 272-285.
  • “A facile one-step way for extraction of nanocellulose with high yield by ball milling with ionic liquid ,” Celluose 24 (2017) 2083-2093.
  • “In-situ intercalation of NiFe LDH materials: an efficient approach to improve electrocatalytic activity and stability for water splitting ,” Journal of Power Sources 347 (2017) 193-200.
  • “In situ unipolar pulse electrodeposition of nickel hexacyanoferrate nanocubes on flexible carbon fibers for supercapacitor working in neutral electrolyte ,” Journal of Alloys and Compounds 695 (2017) 294-301.
  • “Preparation of Sn-b-zeolite via Immobilization of Sn/Choline chloride Complex for Glucose-Fructose Isomerization Reaction ,” Chinese Journal of Catalysis 38 (2017) 426-433.


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